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World In Danger: Tomorrow could be a very different day [9780241446225]

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Discover the beauty of the world around us and why we must protect it, in this magical, sing-along picture book.

Seven year old environmentalist, Frankie Morland wants to make a difference to the world. So, he decided to write a song...

In this colourful book, Frankie's thoughtful lyrics sit alongside beautiful illustrations which remind us of all there is to love about planet Earth and just how urgent it is that we take care of it.

World In Danger features facts about Frankie's favourite endangered animals from cute red pandas, to colourful toucans, to buzzing bees, and simple activities you can do at home to do your bit to save the environment.

Budding musicians can learn to play Frankie's song on the guitar or piano by following the musical score at the back of the book - and everyone can follow the lyrics and sing along!

Ideal for little nature lovers, as well as fans of Frankie's song and its inspirational message.

AUTHOR: Frankie Morland (aged seven)has always loved animals. When he was five years old, he read a book about endangered animals and it made him sad to think that there were so many animals that may not be around when he was older. He started a club at his school to organise fundraising events for wildlife charities and it was a great success. Frankie also loves music and sings in a choir, so he decided to combine these two passions and wrote the song 'World in Danger' with his dad, Charlie. He hopes that his song and this book will inspire people to protect the natural world and all of the amazing animals who inhabit it.

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Frankie Morland
DK Children
160 Grams
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