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Workplace Warrior: People Skills for the No-Bullshit Executive [9781626346512]

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When No-Bullshit Executive Personalities Hinder Performance Many executives who are valuable leaders in their organizations often don't understand why they're not advancing in their careers at the pace or level they believe they deserve given their commitment to their imperatives. Any high-performing leader (the No-Bullshit Executive, according to author Jordan Goldrich) who has ever been identified as abrasive or even a bully will find an ally in this must-read book. These executives (termed workplace warriors by the author) make a unique and critical contribution to the success of their companies or organizations, and their warrior spirit is especially crucial in the current VUCA environment (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). While acknowledging their unique contributions, the author encourages no-bullshit executives to lift their warrior spirit to the level of our country's greatest warriors--the Navy SEALs and the rest of the United States Special Operations community--to find the skills they need to excel. Some of Goldrich's advice takes the form of his clever tagline: The Least You Can Do. If the abrasive executives are only interested in doing The Least You Can Do to protect themselves in a politically correct world, they will find what they need. If, on the other hand, executives want to do The Least You Can Do in the sense that of the right thing to do, they will find resources to take their leadership to a higher level. Appendices and checklists fill out the advice to help the best become even better.
AUTHOR: Jordan Goldrich Jordan Goldrich leverages his background as a chief operations officer, professional certified coach, master corporate executive coach, and licensed clinical social worker to partner with senior executives to drive results while developing themselves, their teams, and their organizations. His clients benefit from his ability to help them create direction, alignment, and trust. His specialty, working with valuable executives who are identified as abrasive or even bullies, is to help them to change the unintended impact of their style by taking their warrior spirit to a higher level. His understanding of warriors has been influenced by his work with The Honor Foundation, a nonprofit organization focused on helping Navy SEALs, Green Berets, and our other special forces communities transition to the civilian workforce. Mr. Goldrich has over 35 years' experience working successfully as a coach, consultant, or advisor with Fortune 500 corporations, closely held and family-owned business, government, and nonprofit organizations. His industry experience includes technology, financial services, healthcare, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail, and nonprofit. He is a partner in a multidisciplinary professional consulting firm, CUSTOMatrix, Inc., and leads their executive coaching practice. He has over ten years' experience as a senior executive coach with the Center for Creative Leadership. Mr. Goldrich has an MAED (counseling) and a master's in social work. He is a member of the executive committee of the Association of Corporate Executive Coaches (ACEC) and member of the certification committee for the Master Corporate Executive Coach Certification (MCEC) of the MEECO Leadership Institute. Walter G. Meyer Walter G. Meyer is the co-author of four nonfiction books, including The Respectful Leader, an Amazon best-selling- and Axiom Award-winning business fable. His critically acclaimed, award-winning, and Amazon-best-selling novel Rounding Third was published just before the bullying crisis started making the news. He created a presentation, Accept and Respect: The Keys to Ending Bullying, which he has taken to colleges, high schools, and corporations across the country, including Raytheon, the Equality Professionals Network, Arizona State University, SUNY-Jamestown, and West Virginia University. He has been on numerous radio and television programs, including NPR. With Doug Peterson, he is the co-author of Going for the Green: Selling in the 21st Century. He has conducted trainings for corporation in leadership, sales, communications, and productivity. He ghostwrote for Michael D. Huggins in Going Om: A CEO's Journey from a Prison Facility to Spiritual Tranquility. Mr. Meyer's articles have appeared in Kiplinger's Personal Finance, the Los Angeles Times, the Orange County Register, and dozens of other magazines and newspapers. He is the co-author of a widely produced stage play, GAM3RS, which has been optioned to be a television series; in addition, several of his screenplays have been optioned to be movies. Mr. Meyer has a degree from the School of Communications at Penn State.
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