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Voynich Manuscript [9781786780775]

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A UNIQUE INSIGHT INTO THE WORLD'S most mysterious manuscript. Since its creation in the first half of the 15th century, the Voynich Manuscript has fascinated and obsessed students of the esoteric, of magic and of alchemy, yet to date no one has managed to crack its code.

It truly is one of a kind: the only book in existence that has been written in its particular language and alphabet - a language that no one can read.

This magnificent edition presents stunning full-colour reproductions of every page of the Voynich Manuscript, along with helpful diagrams that show exactly how the folios are bound into this complex codex.

Two introductory essays invite readers to interpret for themselves the clues found in the manuscript's strange and beautiful illustrations of plants, star constellations, enigmatic bathing women and cosmological diagrams.

Dr Rafal T Prinke and Dr Rene Zandbergen also draw on the manuscript collections of eastern Europe, not normally accessible to English-speaking scholars, to offer the fullest explanation so far of the Voynich's incredible journey through history, while Dr Stephen Skinner explores the parallels to the Voynich Manuscript in the cryptography of Leonardo da Vinci and the Enochian angel language of John Dee.

AUTHOR: Dr Stephen Skinner is an expert in 15th-16th-century manuscripts, having edited Dr John Dee's Spiritual Diaries. He has written more than 40 books on Western esoteric traditions, as well as academic studies of medieval grimoires and Graeco-Egyptian papyri. His knowledge of the Voynich Manuscript period qualifies him to fill in the gaps in our knowledge of this amazing artefact.

Dr Rafal T Prinke is a historian and an assistant professor at Eugeniusz Piasecki University in Poland. He recently published a book on alchemical writings from the earliest times until the end of the 18th century. In 1995 he became interested in researching the Voynich Manuscript, which is how he met Rene Zandbergen. Since then he has published several papers on the manuscript, some with Zandbergen.

Dr Rene Zandbergen has a PhD in space flight dynamics and works for the European Space Agency. He is the creator of one of the best-known websites about Voynich theories:

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Dr. Stephen Skinner
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