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Together: 10 Choices for a Better Now [9780008393809]

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A book that defines our new political story, that will shape the way we see the world and the way we choose to build our future.

For the last few decades we have been fed the idea that if we are not optimistic, then that automatically makes us pessimistic. Neoliberal politics, the absurd moral values that seem to act as its wingman, and the imposed zeitgeist of don't be a killjoy , have all made us forget that in the wide gap between optimism and pessimism there is realism. Dichotomies are for children and we have been infantilized in our perception of the self and the world for a long time.

All this is to say, 'Let's get real.'

Here's some reality for you: almost everything is shit and, in accordance with that general shittiness, we are generally feeling like shit. Even the lucky few who have the means to hide in ashrams or ivory towers lose their above-ness as soon as they step into the street or click through to their social media account and are inevitably confronted by mundane reality.

This is not a book about how and why we messed things up, and how we were encouraged to do so. Instead it's a book that focuses on what we do now, and how we start to actually build a new political narrative (as opposed to just talking about how we need to find one). It's a book that looks at the view point 'I want things to change but I don't know how' and says 'enough'. It's a book that says here's what we need to do going forward: 10 choices we can make about how to be, and what to do, for a future that puts our humanity first.


Ece Temelkuran is an award-winning Turkish novelist and political commentator, whose journalism has appeared in the Guardian, New York Times, New Statesman, Frankfurter Allgemeine and Der Spiegel. She won the Edinburgh International Book Festival First Book award for her novel Women Who Blow on Knots, and the Ambassador of New Europe Award. She has been twice recognised as Turkey's most-read political columnist, and twice rated as one of the ten most influential people in social media (with three million twitter followers).

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