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Theroux The Keyhole: Dispatches from a grounded documentary maker [9781509880416]

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Come round to Louis Theroux's house where the much-loved TV documentary-maker, podcaster and bestselling author of Gotta Get Theroux This finds himself in unexpected danger . . .

Like millions of others, Louis Theroux's plans were mothballed by the onset of Covid. Unable to escape to the porn sets and the prisons and the maximum-security mental hospitals that are his usual journalistic feeding ground, the garlanded documentary maker began reporting on a location even more full of pitfalls and hostile objects of inquiry: his own home during a pandemic.

Theroux the Keyhole is an honest, hilarious and ultimately heartwarming diary of the weirdness of family life in Covid World. A wife intolerant of his obsession with Joe Wicks' daily workouts who also suspects he takes on the cooking less as a way of being helpful and more to avoid child-care. Two teen-aged sons, inseparable from their videogames, for whom he is increasingly 'cringe'. A five-year-old happily spamming out videos on his own new TikTok account while on holiday with his oblivious family.

Louis also describes how he launches his podcast, Grounded, flies to the US to film a new Tiger King documentary and aims his sights on the latest incarnation of the far right in a world becoming radicalized by social media. Follow Louis Theroux the Keyhole to find him at his insightful best, as he faces unforeseen new challenges and wonders why it took a pandemic for him to learn that what really matters in life is right in front of him.

AUTHOR: Louis Theroux is an award-winning journalist and documentary film-maker whose programmes are shown all over the world. After landing a job as a presenter on Michael Moore's TV Nation, he was given his own series on the BBC, Weird Weekends with Louis Theroux, which first aired in 1998. Over twenty years later, he is still making documentaries and his career has seen him spend time with inmates at San Quentin prison and Miami Jail, gamble with the high-rollers at a Las Vegas mega-casino, stalk game with trophy hunters on South Africa's wild-animal farms, and get to know dementia patients and their families in Phoenix, Arizona. His feature-length documentary, My Scientology Movie, was released in 2016. He has been awarded three BAFTAs and a Royal Television Society Television Award for his work. His first autobiography, Gotta Get Theroux This, was published in 2019 and was a Sunday Times bestseller. In 2020 he created a hitpodcast called Grounded. Theroux The Keyhole is his latest autobiography.

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Louis Theroux
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