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The World for Sale: Money, Power and the Traders Who Barter the Earth's Resources [9781847942654]

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When it comes to trading in raw materials, there are no rules.

Commodity traders make a living by supplying the world with raw goods like oil, grain and metal - no matter how war-torn, famine-stricken or corrupt the country of origin. These are the men who bought oil from Libyan rebels in the midst of the Arab Spring; who took sugar from the Cuban government at the height of the Cold War; who helped Saddam Hussein illicitly sell his resources to the west.

It is an industry that affects us all, but whose workings have been deliberately concealed from our view.

Now, two Bloomberg journalists tell the full, inside story of how raw materials are bought and sold in the twenty-first century. They risk everything to meet the tribe of billionaires responsible for keeping the planet stocked with raw materials, uncovering a world of big egos and even bigger pay cheques.

And they travel the globe - from the oil fields of Kazakhstan, to the copper mines of the Congo, to the gleaming skyscrapers of New York - to recount the most shocking tales from this hidden world of multi-million pound deals.

If you have ever felt uneasy about how petrol gets from the Middle East to your tank, or wondered where the metal in your phone comes from, this book offers the answers. It reveals a ruthless underbelly to the world economy - one that no consumer can afford to ignore.

AUTHOR: Javier Blas and Jack Farchy are two of the world's best-known journalists covering energy, commodities and trading houses. They both work for Bloomberg News, where Blas is chief energy correspondent and Farchy is a senior reporter covering natural resources.

Blas and Farchy have interviewed most of the key figures in the commodity trading industry - in many cases the first interviews the traders had ever given. They've published the financial accounts of many of these secretive companies for the first time. And they've travelled extensively to nearly 100 countries, reporting on oil, food and war from countries as diverse as Kazakhstan, Ivory Coast, and Libya.

The pair frequently appear on TV and radio as experts on commodities. Blas has been interviewed on BBC News, CNN and Al Jazeera, and Farchy frequently appears on BBC Radio 4 Today. The World for Sale is their first book.

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