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The Story of Tools: A celebration of the beauty and craftsmanship behind the tools of handmade trades [9781911595700]

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A unique book exploring the beauty, culture and craft of tools.

Tools make our lives better. They help us to measure, plan, make, maintain, repair and make our ideas a reality. They are empowering, giving us the potential to do things for ourselves. Since pre-historic man first sharpened his first stone into a cutting implement, we have relied on tools to help us in carrying out even simple tasks.

Nowadays, every industry has its own set of tools. What would a painter be without a brush, or a gardener without a fork?

This book seeks to explore our relationship with these most fundamental of objects - those that allow us to realise our potential as makers, problem solvers and doers.

Many are rightfully considered as design icons, whilst others reveal the improvisational skills of their owners, tweaked and adjusted to suit specific jobs through trial-and-error.

Divided into three chapters - Wood and Stone; Earth, Metal and Glass; and Material, Cloth and Decoration - this book tells the story of 25 featured tools through the eyes of those whose craft and livelihood depend on them. Axes, drills, chisels, shaping tools and more are examined by masters of handmade trades from blacksmiths and spoon makers to sculptors and silversmiths.

A range of `Collection' features also showcase the beauty of tools en masse, as Hole & Corner explore the toolboxes of craftsmen including gardeners, upholsterers and architects.

Celebrating craft, culture and skill, The Story of Tools explored the time and dedication it takes to make and master tools. This is the perfect read for anyone with a penchant for tools, crafts and beautiful design.

AUTHOR: Hole & Corner was launched in May 2013 as a lifestyle brand celebrating and promoting creativity, craftsmanship, heritage and authenticity through digital, print and events. The name is inspired by an old phrase: `Hole-and-Corner: adj, a secret place or a life lived away from the mainstream'. The Hole and Corner magazine is about people who spend more time doing than talking, for whom content is more important than style; whose work is their life. It's about telling stories of dedication.

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