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The Lord of the Rings Hardcover Special Edition [9780008471293]

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Sumptuous slipcased edition of Tolkien’s classic epic tale of adventure, fully illustrated in colour for the first time by the author himself. 

Since it was first published in 1954, The Lord of the Rings has been a book people have treasured. Steeped in unrivalled magic and otherworldliness, its sweeping fantasy and epic adventure has touched the hearts of young and old alike. Over 100 million copies of its many editions have been sold around the world, and occasional collectors’ editions become prized and valuable items of publishing.

This one-volume deluxe slipcased edition contains the complete text, fully corrected and reset, which is printed in red and black and features, for the very first time, thirty colour illustrations, maps and sketches drawn by Tolkien himself as he composed this epic work. These include the pages from the Book of Mazarbul, marvellous facsimiles created by Tolkien to accompany the famous ‘Bridge of Khazad-dum’ chapter. Also appearing are two full-size, fold-out maps revealing all the detail of Middle-earth.

This very special deluxe edition is quarterbound in cloth and red leather, with raised ribs on the spine and stamped in two foils. The pages are edged in gold and contained within are special features unique to this edition.



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Delivery usually in 2-6 working days.
J. R. R. Tolkien
HarperCollins Publishers Ltd
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  • 4
    Beautiful Edition

    Posted by El on 27th Dec 2021

    I adore this edition of the book. I have yet to read it through, so I have not checked for any printing issues, but there are other comments discussing that. The slipcase and book itself are beautiful, and the additional drawings are really lovely. The edges of the pages do leave my fingers a little glittery, and when flicking through the book the "crunch" of the pages was very noticeable to me, but when actually reading I doubt it would be a problem. I would recommend the book as something for a collector (as I am) rather than a first time reader, I think the story speaks enough for itself without all the embellishments of this edition. Overall I am very pleased, and the book arrived quickly for me.

  • 4
    Great book even with small quality issues

    Posted by Nick on 12th Nov 2021

    This is a great version of the Lord of the rings. It did have some small blemish/smudges on a few of the pages I have noticed so far but that’s it and they have not really bothered me. Although to some it might but its still a stunning book with a few nice added extras such as maps of middle earth and I am thoroughly enjoying reading through it whilst viewing some of the original drawings that were not previously released. I would recommend it especially if you have never read the books before!

  • 3
    Quality Control is a let-down on this book

    Posted by Christopher Heydon on 6th Nov 2021

    This could have been a great edition of this book, such promise , however the quality of the paper is the same as the standard edition with the sprayed red edges , nd also this title has been plagued with issues since its release on the 14th October 2021 , and I would advise anyone to think long and hard before ordering it as you could finish up with a book with either uncut pages , pages sicking together, and 15 pages without any test on them,, leave it until January 2022 , when the second printing is due to start , and hopefully a better chance to b free of issues

  • 5
    Exceptional edition

    Posted by Arturs on 30th Oct 2021

    This is truly an exceptional edition, and one will treasure for years to come. I am very happy with this purchase, customer service, and quality of delivery.

  • 5
    Simply beautiful

    Posted by Philip on 15th Oct 2021

    Such a wonderful special edition of this book. Highly recommended.

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