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The Life & Times of Malcolm McLaren: The Biography [9781472121080]

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Malcolm McLaren is the fascinating and definitive life of the controversial cultural iconoclast and visionary who overturned the worlds of art, design, fashion, film, media, music, politics and television in his ceaseless search for expression as a visual artist.

With unparalleled access, Malcolm McLaren will draw on a vast array of first-hand sources from within his inner circle, including family, friends and those who knew him best. Providing first-hand testimony about this complex, multi-faceted and often outrageous personality, contributors include family members, childhood friends, fellow students and art school teachers as well as his lovers, collaborators, fans and peers from Steven Spielberg (who employed McLaren as his Hollywood ideas guru and is providing the foreword), Quentin Tarantino, Marc Jacobs, Bella Freud, Greil Marcus and David Bailey to Richard Hell, Johnny Rotten, Boy George, Lauren Hutton, Chrissie Hynde and Dame Vivienne Westwood.


PAUL GORMAN first met Malcolm McLaren in 1975. Subsequently they encountered each other in Los Angeles when both were engaged in the film business and later in London in the 90s. They firmed up their friendship when McLaren contributed to Gorman's 2001 style bible The Look and remained in regular contact until McLaren's death in 2010.

Gorman is a writer specialising in visual culture. His books include Straight with Boy George; The Look: Adventures In Rock & Pop Fashion (foreword McLaren; introduction Sir Paul Smith); Reasons To Be Cheerful (foreword Peter Saville; introduction Billy Bragg); and Legacy:The Story Of The Face.

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