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The Kate Greenaway First Year Baby Book [9781873329306]

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A baby's first year is full of landmarks: the first smile, first bath, first photograph, first toy, first full night's sleep, first crawl, first wave, first steps, first tooth, first word - a record list of firsts. The Kate Greenaway First Year Baby Book has been designed so that parents can record these little achievements as they happen, from the day of the birth through to the first birthday. It contains checklists which help parents monitor their child's progress, with spaces to record immunizations as well as physical and behavioural developments such as the first unsupported sit or the child's first response to its own name.
AUTHOR: Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) was one of the first illustrators to have her work published in colour. She had a bold watercolour style and her uncanny ability to capture the innocence of childhood won her instant popularity. Her powerful influence can be traced in the work of Beatrix Potter and every year her name is remembered in the award of the Kate Greenaway Medal.
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Kate Greenaway
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