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The Inevitable: Stories of Choosing The End [9781786495648]

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Meet Adam. He's twenty-seven years old, articulate and attractive. He also wants to die. Should he be helped?

In The Inevitable, award-winning journalist Katie Engelhart explores one of our most abiding taboos: that of assisted suicide. From Avril, the 80-year-old British woman illegally importing pentobarbital to the Australian doctor dispensing suicide manuals online, Engelhart travels the world to hear the stories behind one of today's most hotly debated ethical dilemmas.

At once intensely troubling and profoundly moving, The Inevitable interrogates our most uncomfortable moral questions. Should a paralyzed teenager be allowed to end her life? Should we be free to die painlessly before dementia takes our mind? But the book also does something more. In examining our end, it sheds crucial light on what it means to flourish and live.

AUTHOR: Katie Engelhart is a writer and documentary filmmaker with NBC. She previously worked as a UK-based correspondent and presenter for VICE News. She is the recipient of numerous journalism awards, including the American National Magazine Award, the Canadian National Magazine Award and the British Broadcasting Award.

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Katie Engelhart
Atlantic Books
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