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The Human Body: A Pop-Up Guide to Anatomy [9781787410589]

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It's 1839 and you are a medical student working on your first human body dissection! Under the watchful eye of Dr Walker, peel the flaps back to reveal the inner workings of the human body, from bone and muscle, to the brain, eyes, heart, lungs and everything in-between. Victorian-inspired illustrations meet with medical notes and sketches to give a complete in-depth exploration of how the human body works. Word count including flaps: approx 5,000
AUTHOR: Richard Walker (Author) An expert on the human body, Richard Walker BSc, PhD, is a published author and editor of a number of children's and young adult books. After studying zoology, physiology and biochemistry, Richard enjoyed a successful career in teaching, before deciding to write full-time. Some of his published credits include; The Human Machine: An Owner's Guide, The Body, Encyclopedia of the Human Body and Dr. Frankenstein's Human Body Book. Rachel Caldwell (Illustrator) Rachel Caldwell is a painter and illustrator based in Pennsylvania, USA. She earned a B.F.A. in Communication Design from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, where her studies included Drawing, Printmaking, and Graphic Design. Caldwell's goal is to achieve a visual experience that is beautiful and serene with clean lines and movement, featuring the strange, surreal, or dreamlike. She is drawn to the complex line work involved in creating flowing hair, graffiti, or exposed muscles, and hopes the viewer finds a combination of amusement and an appreciation for beauty in her concepts and subject matter.
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Rachel Caldwell
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