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The Hollywood Body Plan: 21 Minutes for 21 Days to Transform Your Body For Life [9781472256997]

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'David Higgins is a legend. He put me in my best physical shape and he educated me on stretching, strengthening and nutrition!' Margot Robbie

'When I met David, I was broken, physically. He patiently and caringly put me together again. His combinations of strength, Pilates, stretching and active release ... are nothing short of spectacular.' Samuel L. Jackson

'Working with DH is always fantastic because of his expertise as a fully qualified physical therapist, personal fitness and in-depth knowledge of nutrition.' Rebecca Ferguson

'His unique approach taught me to be conscious of my postural habits and to control my movement so as to maximise strength and ability. I have incorporated David's methods into my daily routine (most of the time) and they continue to deliver results I'd never believed possible.' Colin Firth

David Higgins's Hollywood-tested Hollywood Body Plan will transform your everyday movement and treat the aches and pains that have built up over years of sedentary living. Once you have regained control of your body, you can live without stiffness and pain and exercise without fear of injury.

RESET your body with David's 21-day workout. Just 21 minutes a day.
Correct poor posture and body imbalance. The first part of David's plan will strengthen your core, activate your glutes, improve lower back movement and hip flexibility as well as pull back your shoulders and neck. Take 21 minutes a day for 21 days to put yourself back on the right path physically.

Combined with David's 21-day food plan,you will soon find yourself moving with confidence, exercising without pain - and losing weight and feeling great!

TRANSFORM your body
The second part of David's plan is a transformational workout - a more dynamic, higher intensity exercise plan, 5 days a week. Get leaner, stronger and more toned as you follow this exercise and food programme.

FOREVER FIX your body
David's self-care programme is the third part of the plan and will help you treat muscle soreness, neck pain or backache and keep you on track for life.

David's Hollywood Body Plan is a unique and corrective approach to exercise and diet, based on his belief that until you undo all the dysfunctional movement that you have developed over the years, all the exercise and diets you try will only be short-term fixes.

This book will truly reset, transform and forever fix your body for life.


David Higgins is a personal trainer and physical therapist who specialises in body mobility and flexibility, from which stem strength, muscle tone, weight loss and leanness. David's expertise means that he is the first call that Hollywood actors make when they prepare for roles - his client list includes Margot Robbie, Rebecca Ferguson, Colin Firth, Eddie Redmayne, Chris Pine and Samuel L. Jackson as well as Claudia Schiffer and Nigella Lawson. Film credits include Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 2, Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Kingsman films, The Legend of Tarzan, Justice League and Mission Impossible 6.

David is the co-founder of health and fitness company BodySPace, which recently launched at London's Corinthia Hotel.

Follow David on Twitter: @DavidHigginsldn

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