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The Beautiful History: How Football Club Badges Tell the Story of the History of Great Britain [9781785317927]

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The Beautiful History charts the fascinating history of Britain through its football badges. From Premier League giants to non-league sides, the book covers over 100 clubs, revealing the story behind each badge motif and linking it to an historical event. Delving deep into our nation's past, from early times to the present day, each badge is celebrated with a beautiful illustration to help bring the story to life. Why did a Viking standing on a thistle give the game away and end their occupation of mainland Scotland? What is the connection between canaries and 16th-century refugees? Which team celebrates the Battle of Britain on its badge and why? Ever wonder who Blackbeard was or why some badges incorporate a rose or bee? The Beautiful History holds all the answers and links football to key dates like 1066 and 1588, with tales that are often surprising, quirky or laugh-out-loud funny. An engaging, informative and fun book for fans of all ages, it includes activities, places to visit, a football timeline and quiz.
AUTHOR: Elspeth Wills is a researcher and writer who has authored 14 non-fiction titles. Martyn Routledge first wrote about football badges for his degree thesis. He runs his own design agency, mr.creative. The authors have collaborated on books and exhibitions for over 20 years, including the award-winning book, The Beautiful Badge. Freelance illustrator Adam Forster brings the stories to life, recreating traditional pen and ink techniques digitally.


STAFF PICK: (Rob's Choice)

“Which club badge features riveting hammers because it used to be called Thames Ironworks FC? Which monument is shown on Stirling Albion’s badge? Which team had ‘the smiley’ badge in the 1970s? And which club has a Roman eagle on its badge?

I didn’t know any of the answers to these and so I found this book an enjoyable and unique mix of football and history – with some gorgeous illustrations to boot.

I’ve certainly learnt some fascinating titbits and I’m sure you will too! (Oh, and in case you were wondering, the answers were: West Ham United, the Wallace Monument, Leeds United, and Colchester United.)”



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Martyn Routledge
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