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Textile Travels [9781849945646]

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An evocative, beautiful and practical exploration of how travel can inform, inspire and enhance textile art.

Travel has always featured heavily in textile art, from artists' 'travelling sketchbooks' to large-scale installations mapping coastal erosion or the effects of climate change. In this inspiring book, renowned textile artist Anne Kelly shows how to capture your travels in stitch.

She begins the book by discussing maps in textile art, including using their iconography as well as incorporating actual maps into textile work. She then goes on to explore the influence of different cultures from across the globe on textile art, from Peru to India to indigenous American cultures, and also ones closer to home such as Scotland and Scandinavia, showing how to harness traditional techniques, fabrics, motifs and colours for use in your own work.

The chapter 'Stopping Places' captures the moments in time on a journey that can be distilled, remembered and documented to create stitched 'postcards', sketchbooks and other pieces.

The final chapter, 'Space and the Imagination', explores the possibilities of space travel as a source of inspiration, and covers inner space too, with artists mapping their own emotional journeys.

Including a wealth of practical tricks and techniques as well as exquisite photography of both Anne's own work and that of other leading textile artists, this fascinating book will inspire all textile artists, embroiderers and makers to use travel to influence their work.

AUTHOR: Anne Kelly is a textile artist and tutor who exhibits and teaches nationally and internationally. She trained in Canada and the UK at Goldsmiths College. Other publications include Connected Cloth, Textile Nature and Textile Folk Art, also published by Batsford.

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