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Ten Times Happier: How to Let Go of What's Holding You Back [9780008378233]

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Want to get happier? Not just a little but A LOT happier?

Now you can with TEN TIMES HAPPIER by Owen O'Kane, psychotherapist, former NHS Clinical Lead and Sunday Times bestselling author of TEN TO ZEN.

Modern life is a minefield for stress. Whether it's juggling work, relationships or money, we often get stuck mindlessly obsessing about all the wrong things, not knowing what to let go of.

In TEN TIMES HAPPIER, Owen O'Kane reveals how to choose new, healthier perspectives and ditch harmful patterns in the 10 key areas we all overthink about or manage poorly, including:

* the past
* our minds
* other people
* worry
* our behaviours
* the future

Using the latest evidence-based tools and techniques from across a range of therapies including CBT, mindfulness and interpersonal therapy, Owen provides empowering solutions to managing what keeps you stuck so you can move forward.

Want a down-to-earth guide from a professional on HOW you can become happier, minus the fairy dust?

Then accept, let go, grow and get TEN TIMES HAPPIER with Owen O'Kane.

'A brilliant book of intelligent advice and detailed case studies that encourages reflection and positive change.' Fearne Cotton 

'A refreshingly practical guide to finding joy every day.' Susanna Reid 

'Owen is an expert at showing, in his brilliantly down-to-earth way, how we can find happiness in the real world.' Rob Rinder, aka Judge Rinder


Owen O'Kane has a dual medical and psychotherapy training and is a former clinical lead for an NHS mental health service. He has a unique ability to understand how to quell anxiety and manage stress, as well as unparalleled insight into what brings happiness and calm into people's lives.

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Owen O'Kane
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