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Stars: A practical guide to the key constellations [9780711256774]

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Stars presents 20 unique pin-hole constellation cards for helping families and stargazers find the shapes in the night's sky, along with a companion book exploring the significance of these stellar patterns.

This portable and interactive kit includes a mix of northern- and southern-hemisphere constellations, such as:

  • Orion
  • Bootes
  • Taurus
  • Virgo
  • Perseus
  • Ursa Major
  • Crux
  • Hydra
  • ... and many more

Once you've used the cards to identify the shapes in the night sky, read through the book to learn about their mythological and cultural history, as well as all of the fascinating deep sky objects and celestial events the constellations are home to.

Noticing the constellations in the night skies above can foster a sense of curiosity and awe like nothing else on Earth. With a mix of scientific fact and meditative insight, this kit will help you discover how the twinkly skies can connect us all more deeply to our inner selves. This is the perfect gift for a night of stargazing or for those embarking on a stargazing holiday.


Mark Westmoquette is an astronomer, ordained ex-Zen monk and pilgrimage walker. He regularly teaches courses and workshops in mindfulness, meditation and yoga. Mark was a scientist researching astronomy at the European Southern Observatory in Munich and at UCL in London. He regularly blogs at about the mindful journey of the outer universe to the inner universe. He is the author of Mindful Thoughts for Stargazers, Stars and The Mindful Universe.

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