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Rough [9781529110388]

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A bad hookup.

It's not rape but... a sex game gone wrong.


Every woman has a 'rough sex' story. A story where a sexual experience turned nasty, where something happened that felt degrading, where their sexual partner did something they didn't want. Maybe they told a friend about it, maybe they kept it to themselves. The normalisation of these prevalent violent sexual experiences is causing long-lasting and life-threatening harm to women, and our silence on the matter is perpetuating the problem.

Unwanted, violent and degrading acts during consensual sex are becoming increasingly normalised, with nearly a third of women in Britain reported to have endured these experiences. More shockingly, at least 60 women have been killed by men claiming they 'consented' to violent sex since 1972. These experiences don't make the news. Instead, they happen in the privacy of women's bedrooms, behind closed doors. The time has come for us to speak out.

In this crucial and groundbreaking read, Mashable journalist Rachel Thompson brings together the latest scientific research, commentary from leading experts on the topic and interviews with over 50 women about their experiences, to explore what rough sex looks and feels like, the long-lasting damage it causes, and how we go about changing it, for good.

AUTHOR: Rachel Thompson is a journalist specialising in reporting on sex, relationships, and gender. Rachel is the senior culture reporter at Mashable, and has written for The Sunday Times, CNN, ELLE, The Telegraph, and HuffPost. She is also the host of History Becomes Her podcast, which explores the inspiring stories behind women currently making history.

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