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Polar Bear Island [9781454928706]

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When Kirby, a fun-loving penguin, arrives on Polar Bear Island, she shakes things up--much to the dismay of Parker, the mayor. Will Parker learn to see how great it is to make new friends? Or will he chase Kirby away . . . forever?

Welcome to Polar Bear Island. NO OTHERS ALLOWED! Parker is the mayor of this peaceful, predictable island, and he wants to keep it just the way it is. But Kirby, a penguin, thinks the place is paradise, and she wants to stay. Parker says no, but the other polar bears love Kirby --and soon they're begging Parker to let Kirby (and her family) move in. Will Parker agree . . . and make the island fun for EVERYONE? With its gentle message of inclusivity, this playful and lighthearted story will delight children.
AUTHOR: Lindsay Bonilla performs interactive folktales for her company, World of Difference Ltd., and teaches children about foreign countries and cultures. She lives in North Canton, OH, with her husband, sons, and rescue dog. Learn more about Lindsay at and follow her @LindsayBonilla on Twitter.

Cinta Villalobos is an illustrator who lives in Barcelona, Spain. Learn more about Cinta at and follow her @CintaVillalobos.
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Lindsay Bonilla
800 Grams
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