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Patisserie: A Step-by-step Guide to Baking French Pastries at Home [9781908974136]

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This book is a tribute to French Patisserie. It is also a manual to learn how to successfully and easily make traditional French desserts at home. It's written for all people who love to bake and want to do it like the professionals do. From beginners to more advanced, everyone can do it. The author is a professional French pastry chef who wants to share her passion and talent for baking.

In this book you will discover:

An easy way to make traditional French Patisserie at home.
Richly illustrated and simplified step by step recipes and techniques.
All the secrets you've always wanted to know about French baking.
Professional tips that make baking easier.
The classic recipes of French Patisserie.
How to impress your friends with your skills at baking traditional French food.

AUTHOR: Murielle Valette was born into a family of French chefs. Learning the family tradition first, she was then classically trained and worked alongside the best chefs in France and the UK. After 15 years of learning how to create des Patisseries a la francaise, she is now an expert renowned for her unique combination of French inspired cooking with English flavours and traditions. Now Head Pastry Chef at the Michelin-starred restaurant Ockenden Manor, near Haywards Heath, West Sussex, Murielle dedicates her time and energy to sharing her passion for French pastry in the UK.
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Murielle Valette
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