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Organizational Behaviour: People, Process, Work and Human Resource Management [9781398696884]

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There is a large body of shared knowledge between the study of Organizational Behaviour and Human Resource Management but despite the crossover, they are often treated as very distinct disciplines. Written by a team of experts across both fields, Organizational Behaviour bridges the gap between OB and HRM, with an emphasis on inter-cultural and cross-cultural perspectives of organizational development, talent management, and leadership. Through a critical analysis of existing literature and case studies, the contributors cover topics such as corporate governance, ethical business practices, employee morale and motivation, performance management, corporate politics and conflict resolution, workplace diversity, creativity, and change management - all within the framework of current global employment standards and best practices.
AUTHOR: Raisa Arvinen-Muondo works in HR management in Luanda, Angola. She has undertaken doctoral research at the University of Bedfordshire, on the career development of Angolan professionals within Western multinational organizations, focusing on the impact of experiences associated with international living. Stephen J Perkins is Dean of London Metropolitan Business School and a Visiting Research Fellow at Cass Business School. In addition to having served in several universities, he has held senior management posts in industry at times of transformational change and consulted with private and state-owned organizations internationally.
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