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Optimizing the Power of Action Learning: Real-Time Strategies for Developing Leaders, Building Teams and Transforming Organizations [9781473676961]

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The Third Edition of the field-defining book Originated by Reginald Evans in the 1940s, the Action Learning Model was refined and then reintroduced by lead author Michael Marquardt to organizations globally as a powerful tool for improving organizational performance. Today, Marquardt is widely considered to be the modern father of the Action Learning approach. For this new edition, Marquardt has teamed up with three Action Learning experts from Asia and the UK who bring a broader global approach to what has become THE seminal book in the field. Each chapter has been updated for alignment with today's practice and implementation of Action Learning in organizations, including fresh information on virtual Action Learning, guidance on implementing Action Learning and becoming a Certified Action Learning Coach, and many new case studies.
AUTHOR: Michael J. Marquardt (Author) Michael J. Marquardt, Ed.D. is professor of Human Resource Development and International Affairs as well as Program Director of Overseas Programs at George Washington University. Dr. Marquardt also serves as President of the World Institute for Action Learning and is the author of 20 books, including Leading with Questions and Optimizing the Power of Action Learning. Shannon Banks (Author) Shannon Banks is former director and trainer for top leadership in Microsoft. She is a Master Action Learning Coach, author of several articles and special journal issue on action learning and her company, Be-Leadership, provides executive level training for many global corporations throughout Europe including UK Parliament leaders. Peter Cauweiler (Author) Peter Cauweiler, PhD is Director of WIAL-Thailand and WIAL Board Secretary. He is also the editor for 2 WIAL newsletters distributed to over 5000 people. Choon Seng Ng (Author) Choon Seng Ng is a Master WIAL Coach and the Director of WIAL-Singapore. He has trained over 200 coaches in 12 Asian countries. He holds a Masters Degree in Human Resource Development from George Washington University and his company, Idialogue has trained thousands of leaders in public and corporate sectors in Singapore.
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Michael J. Marquardt
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