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National Trust: Birch Trees, Bluebells and Other British Plants [9781788004084]

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A beautiful fact-filled sticker book perfect for nature lovers. The sixth in a series of sticker books created with the National Trust, this book is packed with facts about all kinds of British plants and flowers. With four pages of stickers and 11 glorious scenes, you can add bees buzzing around the flowers, underground roots to the mighty oak tree, vegetables growing in the vegetable patch and much, much more! And with a spotter's guide to help identify favourite species, this is the perfect introduction to wildlife for the very young. Other titles in the series include: Hares, Hedgehogs and other British Animals Robins, Wrens and other British Birds Sharks, Seahorses and other British Sea Creatures Beetles, Butterflies and other British Minibeasts Horses, Hens and other British Farm Animals
AUTHOR: Nikki grew up in the countryside in a small village called Shrivenham in Oxfordshire. Nikki studied for her illustration degree in Swindon and since graduating in 2006 has illustrated books for children including 1,000 Animals, 1,000 Things to Eat, How to be a Superhero and How to be a Pirate. Nikki spent a lot of her childhood drawing, reading and making mud pies in the garden. To this day she still does the same but gets paid for it too, which is lovely, and you'll be pleased to hear the mud pie business is still going strong. Nikki loves creating characters for stories and is hugely inspired by animation and concept artists especially. One of her favourite cartoons is Looney Tunes' Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner - Beep, Beep!
Delivery Usually In 6-15 Working Days
Nikki Dyson
Nosy Crow Ltd
215 Grams
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