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Multifaith Chaplaincy in the Workplace: How Chaplains Can Support Organizations and their Employees [9781785920295]

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As the global marketplace grows and becomes more complex, increasing stress is placed upon employees. Businesses are acknowledging this change in work habits by adapting the work place to offer support through multifaith chaplaincy. Multifaith chaplaincy is based on developing relationships of trust between diverse faith communities and the public workplace. Through the experience of starting the first multifaith chaplaincy in Canary Wharf, the author offers insights into current conditions and challenges of chaplaincy in the business community. Writing as an Anglican priest, Fiona Stewart-Darling shows the importance of chaplaincy teams drawing on different faith traditions. This book is an important contribution to the emerging debate around the role of chaplaincy in faith and business communities. This research will be of particular interest to those working in or setting up chaplaincies in different contexts such as hospitals, prisons, town centre chaplaincies working with businesses and business leaders, particularly those involved in diversity and inclusion in the workplace.
AUTHOR: Fiona Stewart-Darling worked in a parish ministry for three and a half years, before moving to be a university chaplain for ten years. She was assistant chaplain at Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education and the lead chaplain at the University of Portsmouth. She developed a workplace chaplaincy program from scratch with the global business community based in Canary Wharf, London.
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Fiona Stewart-Darling
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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