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Making Every Lesson Count: Six Principles to Support Great Teaching and Learning [9781845909734]

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Packed with practical teaching strategies, Making Every Lesson Count bridges the gap between research findings and classroom practice.

Shaun Allison and Andy Tharby examine the evidence behind what makes great teaching and explore how to implement this in the classroom to make a difference to learning. They distil teaching and learning down into six core principles - challenge, explanation, modelling, practice, feedback and questioning - and show how these can inspire an ethos of excellence and growth, not only in individual classrooms but across a whole school too. Combining robust evidence from a range of fields with the practical wisdom of experienced, effective classroom teachers, the book is a complete toolkit of strategies that teachers can use every lesson to make that lesson count.

There are no gimmicky ideas here - just high impact, focused teaching that results in great learning, every lesson, every day. To demonstrate how attainable this is, the book contains a number of case studies from a number of professionals who are successfully embedding a culture of excellence and growth in their schools.Making Every Lesson Count offers an evidence-informed alternative to restrictive Ofsted-driven definitions of great teaching, empowering teachers to deliver great lessons and celebrate high-quality practice. Suitable for all teachers - including trainee teachers, NQTs, and experienced teachers - who want quick and easy ways to enhance their practice and make every lesson count.
AUTHOR: Shaun Allison leads on CPD in his school and is interested in supporting teachers to grow and develop their classroom practice. He is the author of the widely acclaimed Perfect Teacher-Led CPD and a popular speaker. Shaun's background is in science teaching and he is currently deputy head teacher at Durrington High School. Andy Tharby, a practising English teacher, is a research lead with an interest in helping ordinary classroom teachers enhance their practice through engagement with a wider evidence base. His well-regarded blog, Reflecting English, covers a range of subjects from improving student writing to finding solutions to the problems and dilemmas faced by busy teachers.

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Shaun Allison
Crown House Publishing
538 Grams
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