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Madam [9781529408720]

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Light a fire they can't put out...
For 150 years, above the Scottish cliffs, Caldonbrae Hall has sat as a beacon of excellence in the ancestral castle of Lord William Hope. A boarding school for girls, it promises a future where its pupils will emerge 'resilient and ready to serve society'.
Rose Christie, a 26-year-old Classics teacher, is the first new hire for the school in over a decade. At first, Rose feels overwhelmed in the face of this elite establishment, but soon after her arrival she begins to understand that she may have more to fear than her own ineptitude.
When Rose stumbles across the secret circumstances surrounding the abrupt departure of her predecessor - a woman whose ghost lingers over everything and who no one will discuss - she realises that there is much more to this institution than she has been led to believe.
As she uncovers the darkness that beats at the heart of Caldonbrae, Rose becomes embroiled in a battle that will threaten her sanity as well as her safety...

A brooding, mesmeric novel with a feminist kick, perfect for fans of Naomi Alderman, Madeleine Miller and Margaret Atwood.

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Phoebe Wynne
Quercus Publishing
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    A thrilling setting!

    Posted by Eloise Spencer on 23rd Jun 2021

    Rounded down from around 3.5 Stars

    Madam follows Rose, the new classics teacher at a mysterious and foreboding boarding school. Tradition, class and secrets run rampant throughout the school. Nothing is as it seems, and the power the school holds over Rose's life is more than she could have ever expected.

    I absolutely loved the setting of this novel. The boarding school in the wilds of Scotland felt deeply disturbing and was a perfect back drop for a thriller. I found myself speeding through the first section of the book, I just could not get enough of the creepy setting. I also really enjoyed the parts involving Greek mythology. What I know about Greek mythology is from primary school, so I really learnt a lot from this book.

    Unfortunately, the book fell slightly flat for me after this. There were definitely parts that I enjoyed, but I found it hard to connect to the characters, especially Rose. Rose just wasn't the heroine I was looking for, she left me feeling frustrated and confused. At times things felt a little repetitive too, Rose would gain strength to fight the powers that be, and then would submit again.

    That being said, I think this was a great debut novel and I will be keeping my eyes out for more from Phoebe Wynne. I feel the ending could have been setting up a sequel, which I would definitely read, especially if it was set in another boarding school!! I want to thank NetGalley, the publishers and author for allowing me to read this novel and give my personal thoughts. I would recommend this book to thriller fans who want a different setting, especially those with an underlying interest in mythology

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