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Lost in France: The Remarkable Life and Death of Leigh Roose, Football's First Superstar [9781785311604]

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In 1914 one of Britain's most famous sportsmen went off to play his part in the First World War. Like millions of others, he would die. Unlike millions of others, nobody knew how or where. Until now. Lost in France is the true story of Leigh Roose: playboy, scholar, soldier and the finest goalkeeper of his generation. It's also the tale of how one man became caught up in a global catastrophe - one that would cost him his life, his identity and his rightful place as one of football's all-time legends. Lost In France is the biography of goalkeeper Leigh Roose, football's first genuine superstar, a man so good at his position on the field of play that the Football Association made one of the most significant rule changes in the game's history just to keep him in check. Small wonder that when the Daily Mail put together a World XI to take on another planet, Leigh's was the first name on its team sheet.
AUTHOR: Spencer Vignes is a freelance journalist and author of several critically acclaimed books including The Server, listed for the 2003 William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award. He worked as The Observer's football correspondent in north east England for many years and has also written for dozens of other newspapers, magazines and press agencies located across the world. For more details visit
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Spencer Vignes
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