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Little Peace of Mind, A: The Revolutionary Solution for Freedom from Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Stress [9781788173049]

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From experiencing anxiety, panic and agoraphobia to a life where she experiences a freedom she never thought possible, Nicola Bird writes to share what she learned that made all the difference. Nicola Bird is a highly successful entrepreneur who suffered with anxiety and crippling panic attacks for over two decades. Her symptoms were sometimes so severe that she couldn't leave her own house, travel to work or pick her children up from school. She tried everything she could to cope - from traditional treatments such as medication and psychiatry, to alternative therapies such as tapping and NLP, even studying psychology - but nothing helped. Then she realized that she was looking for the solution to anxiety in the wrong place - and discovered a new way of understanding the human experience that not only changed her life but those of thousands of her clients. Nicola wrote this book based on her teaching so that you can find the same peace of mind in your own life. In A Little Peace of Mind, Nicola shares simple yet logical truths to help you move beyond trying to control everything in your life, manage your thinking and understand who you really are underneath all that noise and suffering. Written with compassion and understanding, this book is a companion for anyone who is suffering with anxiety, panic attacks and stress.
AUTHOR: Nicola Bird is the founder of A Little Peace of Mind, which she created to share a revolutionary approach to anxiety, panic attacks and stress. Her lifetime experience of pushing herself to do more and be more led to outward success but also a secret struggle with panic attacks and anxiety. Her work now is to share the same understanding that personally set her free.
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Nicola Bird
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