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Inside Animals [9780711255067]

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Did you know that a frog can stop its heart from beating? Or that an elephant's tooth is heavier than a brick? Or that the brain of an ostrich is smaller than its eyeball?

In this book, there are 21 cross-sections that show how skeletons, organs, nerves and muscles fit together inside creatures from across the globe.Animals can have some body parts in common with us humans, such as the brain, heart and lungs - but each creature has its own unique body to help it survive and thrive in the wild. This means that there are all kinds of weird and wonderful organs and senses in the animal kingdom, such as the honey stomach in a honeybee or the ink sac of an octopus. Prepare to be dazzled as you discover incredible information to wow your family and friends with.

  • Uncover some truly amazing facts: did you know that the blue whale has arteries that are so big, a human could swim through them?
  • Learn about surprising ways in which animals have adapted to their environments, such as a scorpion's ability to glow in the dark!
  • Special spotlight sections throughout are packed full of absorbing details about skeletons, organs, muscles and more.
  • Brilliantly bright artwork makes every animal picture fascinating to look at again and again.

Featuring mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects, turn the pages and uncoverwhat's happening inside animals. It's the perfect gift for curious readerseverywhere!

Barbara Taylor has written more than 120 children's books and encyclopedias. She was previously Science Editor at London's Natural History Museum. She has won the American Association of Physics Science Award and the National Literacy Association Wow Award.

Margaux Carpentier is an illustrator and print maker based in London. She studied in both Paris and Surrey, and developed her unique graphic style by playing with pens and other mediums. Earthy and folk-inspired, her work also draws on fantastical elements and wild imagination.Her books for children include Someone LikeMe (2016, Concern Worldwide) and Inside Animals (2020, Wide-Eyed Editions).


STAFF PICK: (Nick's Choice)

“This book will answer lots of the weird and wonderful questions children ask about animals as well as teach them so much more that they wouldn’t even think to consider.

The bright and colourful artwork throughout of insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals make it very fun to flick through. There is a huge range of fascinating facts and brilliantly illustrated diagrams.

The huge variety in the physiology of species within the animal kingdom is astounding. Adults too will be amazed by a lot of the information – I’ve certainly learned a lot more about rattlesnakes and am looking forward to gathering more fun facts soon!”

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Barbara Taylor
Wide Eyed Editions
800 Grams
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