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How to Think About Money: Make smarter financial choices and squeeze more happiness out of your cash [9780857196965]

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There are those who think the goal of investing is to beat the market and amass as much wealth as possible, that street smarts and hard work ensure investment success, and that the road to happiness is paved with more of everything. And then there are those who get it. Want a richer, calmer financial life? Jonathan Clements, longtime personal finance columnist for the Wall Street Journal, is here to help. His goal: to provide readers with a coherent way to think about their finances, so they worry less about money, make smarter financial choices and squeeze more happiness out of the cash they have. How to Think About Money is built around five key ideas: - Money can buy happiness, but we need to spend with great care. - Most of us will enjoy an extraordinarily long life - and that has profound financial implications. - We are hardwired for financial failure, so sensible money management takes great mental strength. - We need to bring order to our financial life - by focusing on our paycheque, or lack thereof. - If we want to add to our wealth, we should strive to minimise the subtractions.
AUTHOR: "Jonathan Clements is a financial writer living just north of New York City. Born in London, England, Jonathan graduated from Cambridge University. He spent almost 20 years at The Wall Street Journal in New York, where he was a personal finance columnist. Jonathan also worked at Citigroup for six years as director of financial education for the US wealth-management business. Jonathan has written a novel and eight personal finance books. He's editor of and sits on the advisory board and investment committee of Creative Planning, a US-registered investment adviser."
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Jonathan Clements
Harriman House Publishing
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