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Hardcore Carnivore: Cook Meat Like You Mean it [9781760527600]

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Meet Jess Pryles, the female hardcore carnivore breaking the male stereotype when it comes to the meat industry.

Have you ever stood in the meat aisle of the supermarket puzzling over the selection of meat, not quite sure what cut you should be cooking with? Jess Pryles did the exact thing for years, too scared to buy expensive cuts because she wasn't sure how to cook them even though she loved the taste of meat.

Today, Jess Pryles couldn't be farther from that person standing confused in the meat aisle. Having spent years educating herself in the field of meat Jess knows exactly how to cook it, where it comes from, which are the best tasting cheap cuts and which cuts are worth spending extra money on. She is an expert in everything to do with meat and her cookbook Hardcore Carnivore is a culmination of her vast meat-knowledge and her mouth-watering recipes that will have you raring to get yourself in the kitchen or firing up the barbecue.

In the first part of the book, Jess divulges all of her knowledge when it comes to choosing, preparing and cooking meat, from the importance of temperature and the alchemy of salt to types of smokers and how to cut, butterfly and truss a loin. Jess even takes you through the process of grinding your own burgers and the key condiments to compliment your meat.

In the second half of the book, Jess will wow you with her amazing recipes for Chicken, Game, Pork, Lamb, Beef as well as delicious sides that will complete your plate. Pair Jess's Prosciutto-wrapped chicken with browned sage butter with Fat-roasted potatoes; organise a feast of Blue cheese, date and bacon bites, Patty melt pretzel buns and Char-sui skewers; put a dinner of Rice and Gravy on the table for the family with a side of Jalapeno cornbread; and go all out with a Barbecued pulled pork sandwich with Beer battered onion rings.

Jess Pryles' Hardcore Carnivore is the must-have cookbook for any carnivore looking for meat-spiration.

AUTHOR: Jess Pryles is a professional carnivore. She's a cook, writer and TV personality specialising in meat, with a particular love for beef. She's also a respected authority on Texas and competition style barbecue. Born and raised in Australia, she fell in love with Texas and now calls Austin home. Touted as 'the female Ron Swanson' and 'goddess of all things that previously moo-ed', Pryles has also pioneered a unique lifestyle brand covering travel, bourbon, football, Southern staples, Texan life and more. Her original articles, postings and pictures reach hundreds of thousands of fans each year and resonate with like-minded meat fans around the globe.
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