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Grandpa's Great Escape Board Game [5012822074058]

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The World of David Walliams brings you The Twilight Towers Amazing Break-out Board Game! This beautifully designed 3D game brings to life the best-selling book by David Walliams Is it the end of days for Jack’s rather confused grandpa or can you help him ESCAPE the evil clutches of the Twilight Towers! It’s a race to save the old folk from the evil clutches of Miss Swine the hideous matron that will happily zip you with her cattle prod! Climb the overhanging willow tree take a wide berth to miss the ‘not so lovely’ nurses then take to the skies aboard a World War Two RAF Spitfire whilst being chased down by the deadly German Messerschmitt! Be the first player to bring home Jack and the old folk in this fast exciting cat-and-mouse style game for two to four players based on the best-selling book from David Walliams This fantastic easy play 3D family board game and is perfect for 2-4 players age 7 years and over

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Ladybird Vintage Party Games  [3766]

Ladybird Vintage Party Games [3766]

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