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Fox: A Circle of Life Story [9781526600776]

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In the frost-covered forest of early spring, fox is on a mission to find food for her three cubs. As they grow, she teaches them how to survive in the wild.

Until one day, fox dies. Her body goes back to earth and grass and air, nourishing the world around her and bringing the forest to life. Death is not just an end, it's also a beginning.

Fox: A Circle of Life Story answers the big scientific question: What happens when we die?

Bringing together an evocative non-fiction narrative with breath-taking illustrations, this book will help parents and children to talk about life and death.

It introduces the scientific concept that death leads to new life, and that this way of understanding the world is no less beautiful and awe-inspiring than traditional stories.

Fox: A Circle of Life Story unites story and science to explain this big concept to children who have lost a pet or a loved one, or who simply are curious about death and what happens after we die.

AUTHOR: Isabel Thomas studied Human Sciences at the University of Oxford. She is a science writer and children's author who has been shortlisted for the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize, the ASE Science Book of the Year and the Blue Peter Book Awards. She is a primary school governor and STEM Ambassador. Her previous books for Bloomsbury include Moth: An Evolution Story, which was also illustrated by Daniel Egneus.

Daniel Egneus collaborated with Neil Gaiman on an illustrated edition of American Gods (Headline). He has also illustrated The Raven Child and the Snow Witch (Templar) and The Thing (Egmont). He is a well-regarded fashion artist too, regularly illustrating for the likes of Chanel, H&M, Nike and many more. Daniel's first book for Bloomsbury was Moth: An Evolution Story.

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Isabel Thomas
Bloomsbury Childrens Books
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