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Doing Single Well [9781912478057]

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Being a single woman in our society is tough. We live in a world that regards happily ever after as being in a couple, and encourages single women to work hard to improve themselves, or settle if Mr Right doesn't show up. Women are bombarded with books and advice on how to meet the perfect man, how to understand him better; and even how to change themselves, in the hopes that they can overcome their sorry single status ... This book is different. Doing Single Well acknowledges and supports the lived experience of single women today, and encourages you to stay true to yourself. It addresses the feelings of loneliness, rejection, depression, and anxiety that are often associated with being single, and provides practical exercises and advice to help you feel happier and more self-confident, without the need to change who you are. Doing Single Well will help you find fulfilment in your single life, and if you want a partner, to wait for one who is right for you. Wherever you are on your journey, this book will help you join the growing ranks of single women who are satisfied single, and if they choose to date, delight in doing so.
AUTHOR: Gemma Cribb is a Clinical Psychologist who has been working in private practice in Sydney's CBD for 10 years. She has specialist training in relationships, couple therapy and sex therapy. She is regularly asked for her opinion on issues related to dating, relationships, self-esteem and sexuality for women's magazines and on the radio. In her work as a sex therapist and in her media work as a sex educator she is often called on to help correct the negative effects of our modern sexual culture in the adults she works with.
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Gemma Cribb
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