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Do Not Disturb the Dragons [9781408894880]

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Two intrepid girls go from ladies-in-waiting to knights-in-action when they rip up the rule book and go searching for adventure! Wondermere is the luckiest kingdom in the land, all thanks to the dragons that nest on top of the castle. Nobody wants them to fly away, so everyone has to FOLLOW THE RULES and make sure everything STAYS THE SAME to keep the dragons HAPPY. Princess Grace HATES the rules. They stop her doing everything she loves, like PLAYING TROLL-O and WEARING TROUSERS and training to be a BRAVE KNIGHT. Why do boys get all the FUN! Determined to prove that the rules are a LOAD OF OLD SWAMP ROT, Grace and her sister Princess Portia secretly enter the year's BIGGEST TROLL-O TOURNAMENT. A couple of rule-breakers couldn't possibly disturb the dragons ... could they? Cheeky, charming and laugh-out-loud funny, the debut young fiction series from bestselling picture book author Michelle Robinson is chock-full of chuckles (and grumpy unicorns). Perfect for fans of Cressida Cowell, Pamela Butchart and Emer Stamp.
AUTHOR: Michelle Robinson is the bestselling, award-winning author of picture books including There's a Lion in my Cornflakes, A Beginner's Guide to Bearspotting, Grandmas from Mars, the Goodnight Spaceman series and many, many more. She has won several awards, including the Sainsbury's Children's Book Award, the Stockport Children's Book Award and the North Somerset Teachers' Book awards. This is her first young fiction series. / @micherobinson Sharon Davey is a children's illustrator based in Surrey, England. She loves to draw grumpy kids and comical animals, and also enjoys sliding down stairs on her bottom and collecting plastic dinosaurs. Sharon has worked for a variety of clients, including David Fickling Books, Oxford University Press and Usborne. Do Not Disturb the Dragons is the first book she has illustrated for Bloomsbury. When she's not at her desk working you can find her dancing in the kitchen.
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Michelle Robinson
Bloomsbury Childrens Books
174 Grams
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