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Daddy [9780552135221]

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Oliver Watson has worked hard to build a safe, predictable world. But suddenly it seems to dissolve around him. The marriage he thought was perfect crumbles after eighteen years. His mother is killed in an untimely accident, leaving his father newly widowed and trying, at seventy-two, to build a new world for himself. Oliver's eldest son rejects him and reaches out towards a life of his own, a life he is not mature enough to handle. Melissa, his daughter, unequivocally blames her father for her mother's desertion, while Sam, the 'baby', is too shaken to deal with it all. Now the only parent, Daddy must somehow cope with his troubled family, even as he explores an unknown world of new responsibilities, new women, and new experiences that are funny, sad, touching, scary, poignant, but always real.
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