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Countries of the World in Minutes [9781786485830]

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The Countries of the World in Minutes is the quickest way to understand the modern world and every country in it.

For each of the 195 officially recognised countries of the world, a mini-essay clearly and concisely explains its key history, characteristics and social and political structures. Alongside, an outline map shows each country's global location, main geographic features and capital city, whilst a table of essential data details its population, political system, languages, major religions, currency, gross domestic product, main industries, and much more.

Illustrated with 195 up-to-date country maps.

AUTHOR: Dr Jacob F. Field is a research associate at the University of Cambridge, has a degree in history from the University of Oxford, and has taught economic and military history at Massey University and the University of Waikato. He has written and contributed to numerous books and academic papers and is the author of One Bloody Thing After Another, We Shall Fight on the Beaches, D-Day: The Facts Behind Operation Overlord and The Countries of the World In Minutes.
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Jacob F. Field
Quercus Publishing
340 Grams
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