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Cold War Steve Presents... A Prat's Progress: Boris Johnson's Britain [9780500023426]

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Just in time for Brexit, the sequel to the Sunday Times bestselling Cold War Steve Presents... The Festival of Brexit: an absurdist journey through a world that seems to have slipped the moorings of reality

As the UK takes the leap into the dark with Boris Johnson as Prime Minister, Cold War Steve Presents... A Prat's Progress takes you on a coach trip from hell that trundles through a dystopian wasteland under Boris's rule.

A pitch-perfect and timely piece of satire, it will provide a much needed escape from a world that seems to have not only slipped its moorings from reality but is being steered recklessly towards a `No Deal' precipice.

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Cold War Steve
Thames & Hudson Ltd
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  • 5
    A Prat's Progress

    Posted by Frossy on 7th Nov 2019

    Just brilliant. I enjoyed Cold War Steve's first book 'The Festival of Brexit' but this is even better. I discovered Cold War Steve on Twitter and the satire and comic genius shine through in his books. The political landscape is so awful at present. Cold War Steve's books bring an energy and humour all of their own while still reflecting an a dystopian political world.

  • 5
    Game Changer

    Posted by Drew Lyall on 7th Nov 2019

    What can be said about Cold War Steve that hasn't already been said. Well, that he's rubbish, I suppose. That hasn't been said. At least not by anyone of sound mind. Of course he is far from rubbish, his work is off the scale magnificent!

    I reckon I was there with Chris - his creator - in the early days on Twitter (hey, look at me....I'm so ahead of the curve, yeah!). Back when Fray Bentos pies and white dug shyte (I'm Scottish) were only in the consciousness of a very few, very odd individuals. The fact that they have again become mainstream staples, and even appear on festive advent calendars given to disconsolate children is testimony to Cold War Steve's rise as one of the best social and political commentators of our - or any - age.

    Oh, the book is full of pictures (and Cilla), and they are very funny indeed.

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