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Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant: Modern Life as Interpreted by Someone Who is Reasonably Bad at Living it [9780008265427]

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'This is a funny and beautiful book. What a little bastard.' RUSSELL BRAND

'A millennial's answer to David Sedaris. No writer is funnier than Joel Golby.' DOLLY ALDERTON

A collection of full-throated appreciations, withering assessments, and hard-won lessons by the popular journalist.

There are a few things you need to know about Joel Golby. Both his parents are dead. His dad was an alcoholic. He himself has a complicated relationship with alcohol. He once went to karaoke three times in five days. He will always beat you at Monopoly, and he will always cheat.

Joel makes a name for himself as a journalist who brings us distinguished articles such as 'A Man Shits On A Plane So Hard It Has To Turn Around And Come Back Again', but that says more about us than him. In his first book, Brilliant, Brilliant, Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant Joel writes about important stuff (death, alcohol, loss, friendship) and unimportant stuff (Saudi Arabian Camel Pageants, a watertight ranking of the Rocky films, Monopoly), always with the soft punch of a lesson tucked within.

Golby's sharp, evocative prose thrives on reality and honesty that is gut-wrenchingly close to the bone, and laced with a copious dose of dark humour. Who is this book for? It is for everyone, but mainly people who are as lost and confused as Joel and just want to have a good laugh about it.


I am London-based, where I work as a staff writer for VICE, but I've also been published in all sorts of places: Guardian, Shortlist, Mr Hyde, FHM, BBC, Grazia and Heat, where I used to work. And, uh... other stuff about me. I am right-handed. More of a cat than a dog man, but I see merits in both. Um. I'm taller, than most people think. People are often surprised when they see my full height. And, uh... well, I've always wanted to write a book.

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Joel Golby
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