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Ten Cookbooks we can't wait to try this autumn.

Posted by Zoe E on 24th Sep 2021

Ten Cookbooks we can't wait to try this autumn.

 1) Together - Jamie Oliver

It’s amazing that for someone who has released as many recipes books as he has, Jamie Oliver’s cookbooks don’t all feel very same-y and repetitive. Together is a great new addition to his collection, and uses his same classic style to create celebration meals to bring families and friends back together after the long periods apart we’ve all experienced recently. We tried out two recipes from the cookbook; The Tender Asparagus with Green herb dressing and soft-boiled eggs, and the Apple and Bramble Crumble Pie.

For someone like me, who hates making pastry with a passion, the Apple and Bramble Pie is an absolute dream. Easy to throw together, and the pastry could also be substituted for shop bought (my go-to), the pie itself was easy to make and just as easy to eat in one sitting. The asparagus dish was meant to be for a sunny lunch, but I enjoyed it as a rainy morning brunch instead; and it was so delicious I had to make it the next day too. For me, that’s the sign that I’m sold on a recipe; when I want to make it everyday for the next week.

Available Now.

Jamie Oliver Table

2) Shelf Love - Ottolenghi Test Kitchen

Ottolenghi cookbooks are always a staff favourite, and we are expecting a few signed copies which some lucky customers will receive! Created by the Ottolenghi Test Chefs, this is a recipe book for when you are standing in front of your kitchen cupboards wondering what tins or jars you can make a meal out of. No-fuss recipes with the classic ‘Ottolenghi’ twist, we’re excited to try out the Salmon Tahini and Sweet Potato Shakshuka.

Pre-order available now, Book publishes 30th September 2021.

3) Bowls and Broths: Build a Bowl of Flavour From Scratch, with Dumplings, Noodles, and More - Pippa Middlehurst

From the bestselling author of Dumplings and Noodles, Pippa Middlehurst, comes another brilliant Asian food cookbook packed with recipes for dumplings, noodles, hotpots, rice and even sweet things! Switch it up from a weekend celebration feast to a weeknight easy dinner, this book is created for all kinds of cooks- from beginners interested in the basics, to more experienced cooks curious about techniques and flavour combinations. Learn how to make Wonton Wrappers, Jalapeno Beef ‘Dan Dan’ Noodles and Courgette dumplings. Get really involved in making your noodles from scratch (recipes included) or if your after a fast Asian dinner, get shop bought noodles and re-create these tasty dishes.

Available Now.

Poppy and her Potatoes..

4) Poppy Cooks: The Food You Need - Poppy O'Toole

This is the debut cookbook from TikTok sensation and potato-obsessed Poppy O’Toole (@poppycooks), and starts with 12 core recipes that everybody should learn. From there Poppy gives you simple recipes using the 12 core recipes to expand into fabulous meals. Make a classic Tomato sauce, then turn it into the perfect Shakshuka, a comforting meatball and tomato pasta, or a delicious Chicken Parmigiana. Created for a new generation of budding cooks, this is reminiscent of the cookery books from 1990s Delia Smith, in its layout and style.

Available Now.

5) How to Bake Anything Gluten-Free - Becky Excell

Following on from her previous bestseller, How to Make Anything Gluten-Free , the new cookbook from Becky Excell focuses on fluffy cakes, fresh bread, filled doughnuts, game-changing pastries and mind-blowing desserts. Becky is amazing at creating recipes that make life simple for anybody who is gluten free or has a gluten intolerance, all whilst making sure you don’t miss out on anything sweet and tasty! There are so many amazing recipes we haven’t yet been able to pick what we want to trial, but the cookbook includes rainbow cake, smores brownies, red velvet cupcakes, fried doughnuts, bagels and cinnamon rolls. There’s also an entire chapter dedicated to an amazing gluten free Christmas feast. Not to mention all the delicious looking food photography!

Available for Pre-Order, Publishes 30th September 2021.Who could say no?

6) All Day Baking: Savoury, Not Sweet - Michael James

If you are a savoury person, and would rather pick a cheese scone over a cake, this cookbook is for you. With over 70 pastry-based savoury recipes this cookbook really is a masterclass in pastry. Author Michael James includes the recipes for quiches, sausage rolls, palmiers and galettes that have earned him an international cult following. It’s also very driven by Michael and his wife Pippa’s focus on sustainability, seasonality and a desire to minimise their waste footprint. With beautiful photography throughout of recipes like the Greens, Feta and Ricotta hand pies and the Root Wellington, we think this would make a fantastic present for the baker in your life.

Available Now.

7) The Complete Vegetable Cookbook - James Strawbridge

If this year’s cookbooks have taught us anything, it’s that we could all do a lot more to prevent waste in our kitchens. James Strawbridge brings us a new cookbook showcasing forty vegetables, and how to make the most of every part of them, plus learn how to preserve and store them to prolong freshness. With over 120 recipes including a warming fennel gratin meal and a watercress, pear, and walnut tart, learn how to make the most of your vegetables all year long, and also use your leftovers sustainably. We’re looking forward to making the Teriyaki Asparagus noodles when the cookbook is released!

Available for Pre-Order, Publishes 14th October 2021.

8) Sambal Shiok: The Malaysian Cookbook - Mandy Yin

The food photography inside Sambal Shiok is some of the most beautiful we’ve ever seen, and the recipes all sound so comforting, there’s nothing more we could ask for than the spicy-sweet-umami flavours of Malaysian cooking in Autumn. Packed with snacks, soups and salads, to rice and noodle dishes, curries and sweet things, there is something in this cookbook to suit every taste. There are over 90 recipes which have been handed through the family to author Mandy Yin, and we are looking forward to chilly evenings with steaming bowls of curry laksa and flaky roti canai to warm us up.

Available for Pre-Order, Publishes 14th October 2021.

Sambal Shiok

9) Two's Company: The Best of Home Cooking for Couples, Friends and Roommates - Orlando Murrin

Many of us struggle with the dilemma of having to scale down recipes (and the math that’s needed to scale them down correctly!) or having to deal with the huge volume of leftovers that can happen when you use a recipe meant for four servings. This is a cookbook focused on helping you cook for two, and therefore can help with cutting down the food waste that comes with leftovers. Cook for your partner, cook for your friend or cook for yourself and eat two portions ( we won’t judge!). Try out the simple nasi goreng if you want an easy Friday night fake-away or a comforting three mushroom goulash on a lazy comforting Sunday afternoon.

Available for Pre-Order, Publishes 28th September 2021.

10) Thali: A Joyful Celebration of Indian Home Cooking - Maunika Gowardhan

The word 'Thali' refers to the way meals are eaten in India; where a mixed selection of delicious dishes are served together on one platter. This means they are great for creative cooking, and a great way to try out lots of different vibrant dishes.

Cook and social media star Maunika Gowardhan has created over 80 delicious and easy recipes to create your own thali at home. This cookbook is essentially about creating a banquet of sublime Indian food for you to feast on, and Maunika helps you along by giving you set thali plans and inspiration at the end of the cookbook. From classic dishes like Matar Paneer and Tadka Dhal to new exciting ones such as Pomegranate Spiced Chicken and Konkani Jackfruit Stir-Fry, there are plenty of yummy swaps you can make in your own thali.

Available for Pre-Order, Publishes 23rd November 2021.

Thali Recipes & Pictures