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Posted by Lucy H on 25th Sep 2018

Spotlight Reviews: 25 September 2018

Spotlight Reviews: 25 Sept 2018

Secret Service Brainteasers

Secret Service Brainteasers [9781472258311]

By Sinclair McKay

Published by Headline Book Publishing on 20-Sep-2018

Following on from the Bletchley Park Brainteasers, more puzzles which will show you whether you’d be selected as a spy by MI6. Contains histories of some of the brave operatives and their activities and missions. The puzzles are varied and complex, the book is addictive.

Perils of Perception

The Perils of Perception: Why We're Wrong About Nearly Everything [9781786494566]

By Bobby Duffy

Published by Atlantic Books on 06-Sep-2018

Intelligent, heavily-researched, statistical analysis explaining why the public (all over the world) are wrong about what they think about “nearly everything.” Packed with fascinating facts, graphs and infographics on a range of issues, including money, sex, Brexit and crime. Something for anyone who is interested in discovering the realities behind their perceptions of society.


Modestly [9781785035272]

By Dina Torkia

Published by Ebury Press on 20-Sep-2018

Chatty, with lots of photos. The author includes her early life story about growing up as a “halfie” (Egyptian and British) in several different countries and schools. There are clothing, makeup and wedding tips as well as lifestyle advice to suit any woman who wears a headscarf. There’s a cheerful Instagram feel to it which will appeal to all ages.

Why We Get the Wrong Politicians

Why We Get the Wrong Politicians [9781782399735]

By Isabel Hardman

Published by Atlantic Books on 06-Sep-2018

Written by an experience Parliamentary journalist with strong political credentials, this is a clear-eyed look at what drives politicians, and why their behaviour can change as soon as they move into the Westminster bubble. There’s a sobering explanation of the true cost of campaigning and canvassing, and how this debars most people from even attempting to run for office. A clearly written, intelligent and interesting analysis which offers a great insight into a world which most of us will never see up close. This will interest anyone with a wish to know more about the British political system and how it affects all of us.

Battles that Changed History

Battles that Changed History [9780241301937]

Foreword by Sir Tony Robinson

Published by DK on 06-Sep-2018

Lavishly-illustrated large format book ideal for history buffs and people who want to learn more, covering many major battles all over the world from 1000CE right up to the Invasion of Iraq in 2003. There’s a foreword by Sir Tony Robinson, and plenty of notes, maps, contemporary representations of battles, and biographies of key personnel. There are indices of additional battles at the end of each section to provide context and starting points for anyone who wants to explore further.