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​Q&A with Jane Dunn, author of Jane’s Patisserie

Posted by Lucy H on 22nd Jun 2021

​Q&A with Jane Dunn, author of Jane’s Patisserie

Jane's Patisserie Your blog and Instagram are packed with the most incredible photographs! Do you do all the food styling and photography on your own? Did you do the book photography as well?

So far I have always done the photographs myself and styling for my blog, but learnt as I have gone on! It’s always lovely to see inspiration and try new ideas with photos! Ellis Parrinder was the absolutely amazing photographer behind my book though!

What made you decide to turn the online content into a book, and did you foresee how popular it was going to be?

I always thought a career goal would be to have a recipe book - for years and years I loved studying different cookery books and seeing different ideas so when the chance to finally write a recipe book came about, I had to say yes! I definitely didn’t see it being so popular though, it’s still so surprising!

Who do you think is your typical reader, if such a person exists? Who would you love to read your book?

I think its everyone and anyone - parents and their children, teenagers, young adults, families, or even your grandparents!

Do you have a favourite genre or author? What books or authors would you say were significant influences on you?

I love Mary Berry, Nadiya Hussain and basically anything baking related!

Virtual socialising in lockdown has been invaluable. Now that we’re allowed to meet up in person again, who would be on your fantasy tea party list and why?

Oh there are so many people I would want to invite, but I would have to say people such as Mary Berry (again!), Barack Obama, Chris Hemsworth, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Ruth Bader Ginsburg… quite the mix!

And of course, what would you make for them?

Probably a mixture of some sandwiches made with homemade sourdough, and then plenty of bakes and treats from the book such as the NYC Chocolate Chip Cookies, and then Triple Chocolate Brownies.

The COVID-19 situation has affected us all in different ways. How have you been managing in the lockdowns?

It’s definitely been a struggle in some areas of the change of lifestyle, but I have been so busy with writing the book and producing more recipes for people to bake so I have enjoyed it quite a lot! Seeing so many people get into baking was so lovely!

Cooking competition shows have been a real joy to watch over the last 18 months – would you like to be a contestant on any of them?

Oh I love them all!! I’d be very scared to apply but Great British Bake Off is the obvious answer!

Your book is (of course!) all about sweet things. Other than patisserie, do you have a style of cookery you’d love to develop?

I love all types of cooking - I love experimenting for myself in the kitchen so it’s hard to pick just one style!!

If you were teaching children to bake, what recipes would you start with? And would you ever consider running courses in patisserie?

I would start with cupcakes I think because they are always fun for everyone to bake and they could decorate them how they like. But I think courses wouldn’t work for me as I like to chat to everyone far too much haha!

Home cooks are far more adventurous than they used to be, and it’s much easier to get hold of specialist ingredients in shops. Do you get many requests from readers for recipes which you haven’t ever tried yourself before?

I always get really interesting requests - my to-do list of recipes is still several hundred long and always growing! I love new things so always happy to try them!

What would your perfect day look like, and what’s the first place you want to visit after lockdown?

A seaside dog walk, with a good coffee and a lovely lunch somewhere! I’d love to go on some more adventures when possible, even travelling to more places such as Australia and America!

What was your favourite book as a child?

The Harry Potter series!

Thank you very much for speaking to us, we wish you every success with the book.

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