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Beat ‘book block’ with these unputdownable reads

Posted by Emma Pagano on

According to a recent survey by the Reading Agency, over half of all UK readers (54%) have suffered from ‘book block’, struggling through unappealing books for up to 3 months simply because they can’t give up once they’ve started. We say life’s too short to get stuck – it’s time to ‘quit lit’ and try something more engrossing! There’s no shortage of gripping books on offer here at A Great Read: here are three that are sure to banish boredom:

Paper Ghosts by Julia Heaberlin is a chilling, compelling tale of obsession and murder. A young woman is convinced that she’s finally found her sister’s killer – Carl Louis Feldman, a man who was once a famous photographer. There’s just one problem: he has dementia, and claims that he doesn’t remember anything. Pretending to be his daughter, she takes him out of his care home and on a road trip across Texas in a desperate attempt to get into his head and force a confession. Is he a murderer, or is she a fantasist? And who will win this dangerous game of truth and lies? Paper Ghosts is available on our site for just £8.95, a saving of £4.04 on the RRP.

Alma Katsu’s The Hunger also centres around a deadly journey. Based on the true story of the ‘Donner Party’, it tells the terrifying story of a group of pioneers en route to California who decide to spurn the usual route for an untested ‘shortcut’ – with devastating consequences. As the weather turns brutal, food runs short and the travellers begin to starve. Then a child goes missing, and his body is found horribly mutilated. As the members of the party turn on each other, something is lurking beyond the wagon train – something that is watching and waiting. Something hungry… Gripping and gruesome, The Hunger blends historical fiction with horror and a hint of the supernatural to create a compelling, chilling masterpiece. It can be found on our site for £9.77, saving you £5.22 on the publisher’s price.

Bestselling author Madeline Miller won the Orange Prize for her first novel The Song of Achilles, inspired by the hero of Homer’s Iliad. Her follow-up, Circe, focuses on an intriguing character from The Odyssey – the witch-goddess who transforms Odysseus’ men into swine. Born to the sun god Helios and the naiad Perse, Circe is neither as powerful as her father nor as beautiful as her mother, and is overlooked by her family. In her isolation, she seeks companions in the world of mortals, where she learns witchcraft. But the gods are not allowed to meddle with the occult, and Zeus exiles her to the deserted island of Aiaia, where her fate will become entwined with some of the most legendary figures in Greek mythology, including Hermes the messenger god, Jason and his Argonauts, and of course the crafty, clever Odysseus. Full of magic and monsters, gods and heroes, Circe is a vivid portrayal of an extraordinary woman, and an immersive and captivating page-turner. It’s available on our website for only £10.99, a saving of £6.

These fantastic titles can all be delivered in 2-6 working days, so order now and wave bye-bye to book block!

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