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Posted by Lucy H on 13th May 2019

Interview with ColdWar Steve, author of Festival of Brexit

ColdWar Steve is the nom de plume of public sector worker Chris Spencer, a man who famously began creating his collages of absurdity whilst travelling to work on the bus. He uses an app on his phone, and posts the resultant pictures onto the McFadden’s Cold War Twitter account (@ColdWar_Steve) currently standing at 169K followers…

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Posted by Sam H on 28th Mar 2019

Exclusive Interview with Kesia Lupo, Author of We Are Blood and Thunder

We recently had the chance to speak to fantasy author Kesia Lupo about her soon-to-be-released debut novel: We Are Blood and Thunder. Here's what she had to say:What's been the most exciting part about putting out a debut novel?I think it's the fact that you've worked on something alone for so long, sharing it with only a few people in yo…

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Posted by Sara Tasker on 28th Feb 2019

Exclusive: Sara Tasker, author of 'Hashtag Authentic', talks about how social media has taught her self-belief

Instagram changed my life. I was on maternity leave, trapped under a sleeping baby in a claustrophobic home, and found an app full of tiny squares of human connection. I started sharing a photograph a day, setting myself the tiny challenge to find something worth sharing. Often there was nothing at all, so I had to get creative: the r…

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Posted by Emma Pagano on 23rd Jan 2019

Four top titles to help you celebrate Chinese New Year

Great news – January’s nearly over! And even better news – Chinese New Year is just around the corner! The Spring Festival runs from February 5th-19th, and around the world, people will be feasting, setting off firecrackers and decorating the house with red lanterns. It's the most important holiday in the Chinese calendar – so why no…

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Posted by RG on 10th Jan 2019

We chat to Ben Lebus, author of the newly-published MOB Kitchen

Where does the name MOB Kitchen come from? There was a gap in the market for food presented in a style for students, and to make it fast. I wanted to get away from food porn. Brand identity was really important too. I was after a group movement/feeling and I didn’t want it to be The Ben Lebus Show. I thought of ‘Kitchen’ b…

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