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Better Sleep For Your Baby & Child [9780778801498]

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Almost all parents experience some difficulties with their baby's sleep patterns. Sleep problems in infancy and childhood are common and can be incredibly disruptive for both child and parents. This book has been written both for expectant parents who want to prevent childhood sleep problems before they start and for parents who want to solve existing sleep issues. It talks about: introduction to sleep; infant sleep; sleep in children and adolescents; sleep hygiene; sleep disorders; and sleep medications. It provides strategies and professional advice based on hands-on clinical experience: detailed explanations of sleep; preventative strategies; sound practical advice; guidelines to recognise when a child has a serious problem; breathing disorders; nocturnal feeding/drinking disorders; and nightmares and night terrors. It features highlighted data boxes alongside the text, summarising: sleep facts; what the textbooks say ; case studies; and frequently asked questions. By following the practical advice in this book, in no time at all both you and your child will be enjoying a restful night's sleep.

Dr. Shelly K. Weiss, MD, FRCPC, is a pediatric neurologist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and the co-director of its Sleep Disorder Clinic. An assistant professor at the University of Toronto and member of the executive board of the Canadian Sleep Society, Dr. Weiss has lectured around the world on the area of pediatric sleep disorders.

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Shelly K Weiss
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