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BEA AND THE BUTTERSQUELCH: 2020 [9791220102506]

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What if you were an eight-year-old girl and all of a sudden you meet a Buttersquelch in your garden? Bea has a mass of curly red hair, she wears yellow steampunk goggles with spikes on, and in the common behind her house she meets a strange creature called Boil. After sharing a sandwich in Bea's Grandad's shed, they get sucked down the back of an old armchair, which turns out to be a portal. They arrive to Boils' world, populated by Inklebinks and Megabinks. That's the beginning of their adventures and new discoveries until they have to go through a mix of portals and burrows, to return to Bea's world. It's a story about friendship, imagination, playing outside, and laughing. It is also about sleeping well, eating well and about not being scared of the dark . What are you? Asked Bea looking down at, well, she was not sure what. This peculiar little fellow was a bit shorter than half as tall as she was with feet twice as big. He had knobbly knees and elbows attached to knobbly limbs. His head looked a bit like a squashed bird with massive ears to balance out his massive hands and feet. And although each ear was the same size as his face, it was a face that seemed to make sense. He had fur that was a glorious mix of reds and oranges and had random long feathers sticking out with purple tips topped with a twitch of blue. He was peering up at her with one massive curious eye under a rather eccentric eyebrow. The other eye was small and dark...Then with one outstretched fi nger pointing to the clouding sky he proclaimed I am a Buttersquelch!
AUTHOR: Sam Hash completed a Fine Art BA at Middlesex University. She has always loved reading and writing and she decided to incorporate lettering and words into her artwork and tattoo designs. She did a variety of jobs to pay the bills and continued to practice art on her own. Then she got a commission for 4 pieces of art for the theatre where she was working at the time, as a Food and Beverage supervisor. Spending the last 4 years working at a residential youth hostel, on occasions there being a quiet environment, she had the chance to play with things again.
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Sam Hash
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