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Batman a Visual History [9781409344056]

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This is the incredible story of Batman including a slipcase featuring specially commissioned DC comics artwork and original prints. Explore Batman's fascinating story decade by decade, year by year, month by month. From Batman's beginning in 1939 to his 75th anniversary Batman Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle does what no other book has, showcasing Batman's evolution from a DC Comics vigilante crime-fighter to global superhero. Packed with original, full-colour artwork, in-depth profiles, storylines and events plus all Gotham City's iconic heroes and villains, including Robin, the JLA, the Joker and Catwoman. Discover all about their extraordinary DC comics debuts, the crucial events behind their creation and their influence today. Celebrating not only Batman's greatest stories but the writers and artists who created him, Batman Year by Year: A Visual Chronicle features the key team members such as Bob Kane and Jim Lee who brought Batman to life. Perfect for any comic book fan this visually stunning guide comes in a gifty slipcase featuring specially commissioned artwork by a top DC comic book artist, two original prints and foreword by Frank Miller. Copyright 2014 DC Comics. Batman and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and (Copyright) DC Comics. WB Shield: [trademark] & (Copyright) Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s14).
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Matthew K. Manning
800 Grams
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