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Alan Ayckbourn: Plays 6: Time of My Life; Neighbourhood Watch; Arrivals and Departures; Hero's Welcome; A Brief History of Women [9780571348282]

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With an Introduction by the author. 'The prolific master of suburban mayhem has still got his mojo.' Evening Standard Time of My Life 'One of Mr. Ayckbourn's most virtuosic experiments in postmodern narrative.' Wall Street Journal Neighbourhood Watch 'Ayckbourn's tartly topical, pitch-black comedy, a startling evocation of the panic induced by nightmarish notions of broken Britain ... An arresting, nastily comic cautionary tale.' The Times Arrivals and Departures 'Ayckbourn's genius lies in his ability to write what you might call 'sad comedies,' uproariously funny farces that are at second glance deeply serious, at times despairing portraits of modern middle-class life and its discontents. On occasion, as in Arrivals & Departures, he puts the despair at centre stage, and what results is a play that at bottom can no longer be called a comedy at all.' Wall Street Journal Hero's Welcome 'Alan Ayckbourn is the poet laureate of missed connections. In play after pensive, droll and acid play, Ayckbourn anatomizes how we fail to understand and trust our lovers and friends.' Guardian A Brief History of Women 'As A Brief History of Women follows Spates at twenty year intervals through the next sixty years, it becomes progressively more funny, more tender, more Ayckbourn. Ayckbourn knows that moments of real connection between people are hard-won and hard to forget.' The Times
AUTHOR: ALAN AYCKBOURN spent two years in regional theatre as an actor and stage manager before, in 1959, writing his first play, The Square Cat, for Scarborough's Theatre in the Round at the instigation of Stephen Joseph. Some 75 plays later, his work has been translated into over 35 languages, is performed on stage and television throughout the world and has won countless awards. Knighted in 1997 for services to the theatre, he received the 2010 Critics' Circle Award for Services to the Arts and became the first British playwright to receive both Olivier and Tony Special Lifetime Achievement Awards.
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Alan Ayckbourn
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