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Ageless: The New Science of Getting Older Without Getting Old [9781526608260]

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Ageless is a guide to the science driving biology's biggest story: why we get old, and how we can stop it. Ageing - not cancer, not heart disease - is the world's leading cause of death and suffering.

We accept as inevitable that as we get older our bodies and minds begin to deteriorate, and we are increasingly likely to be struck by dementia or disease.

Ageing is so deeply ingrained in human experience that we never think to ask: is it necessary?

Biologists, on the other hand, have been investigating that question for years. Ageless introduces us to the cutting-edge research that is paving the way for a revolution in medicine. It takes us inside the laboratories where scientists are studying every aspect of the cell - DNA, mitochondria, stems cells, our immune systems, even age genes that have helped animals to a tenfold increase in lifespan - all in an effort to forestall or reverse the body's decline.

Computational biologist Andrew Steele offers reality-based hope, explaining what is happening as we age and practical ways we can help slow down the process.

He reveals how understanding the scientific implications of ageing could lead to the greatest discovery in the history of medicine - one that has the potential to improve billions of lives, save trillions of dollars, and transform the human condition.

AUTHOR: Dr Andrew Steele is a 32-year-old computational biologist. He is a Research Fellow at the Francis Crick Institute in London, using computers to decode our DNA and unravel the secrets hidden in some of modern biology's biggest data. He has a first-class degree and a DPhil in physics from Oxford University, where he used particle accelerators to understand the inner workings of magnetic and superconducting materials. The transition from physics to biology came about when he realised that ageing is the single largest cause of human suffering, and wanted to do something about it. He has featured in or on the Guardian, Sky News, The One Show, and Discovery's Impossible Engineering and Through the Wormhole, BBC Radio 4's Inside Science and Newshour.

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Andrew Steele
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    The Aging Brain

    Posted by Seaside Gardener on 23rd Jan 2021

    An interesting and informative read. The book is marred slightly by falling between two stools: on one hand it is aimed at the layman and on the other there is a deal of technical knowledge.

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