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A Practical Guide to Therapeutic Work with Asylum-Seekers and Refugees [9781785920738]

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The need to support refugees has never been more urgent, but how can everyone working with them provide consistently effective care? This essential guide offers a holistic, person-centred framework, applicable to all helping professions, to ensure that all those working with refugees to provide them with excellent support.Informed by the authors' direct work with refugees, the book starts with a comprehensive introduction to understanding the underlying issues that lead to the complex needs of an asylum-seeking client group. Using an easy-to-follow 'what?', 'why?' and 'how?' structure, within the four key phases of refugee experience. It also shows professionals how to sensitively address trauma, loss and separation with clients who are adjusting to a foreign culture and language using three core principles (therapeutic relationship, bearing witness and psycho-education).Informed and accessible, this guide will help you create a safe, welcoming environment for asylum-seekers in all stages of their journey to improve their psychosocial wellbeing and mental health.
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Paul Cilia La Cilia La Corte
Jessica Kingsley Publishers
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